Termination of Care

You as the patient should have control over your care.  Certainly you have the right to terminate your care with us at any time.


However, it is our responsibility to provide you with the best care we can.  If we are prevented from providing you this care by patterns of non-responsibility, we will be forced to terminate our working relationship.  These patterns include:  Multiple No Shows or Late Cancellations, not scheduling follow-up appointments as required for safe and helpful monitoring of treatment, persistent patterns of non-compliance with recommendations for treatment including recommendations for psychotherapy, chemical dependency issues, or medical conditions that require assessment/care for maintenance or good health, or non or persistently late payment of fees for services provided.  If these patterns occur, they will be discussed with you and attempts to rectify problems will occur before termination would be decided upon.


Termination of care will occur by letter notification.  If the physician deems it appropriate, a one month supply of medication will be provided to assist in transition to a new care provider.