Medication Refills

Interruption of regularly scheduled medications can potentially cause unpleasant/dangerous withdrawal symptoms or a relapse of the condition being treated.  It is the patient's responsibility to monitor the amount of medication remaining as well as the number of refills remaining.  This allows refills to be provided in a timely fashion.

  1. Please contact your pharmacy and request that they fax a refill request to our office.  Our fax number is 480-699-3971.  Please allow 48 hours for us to respond.
  2. Certain medications (primarily psychostimulants used for Attention Deficit Disorder) cannot be refilled by phone or fax.  A paper (hard copy) prescription should be requested by phone to our office at 480-699-3860.  If the doctor approves the refill, office staff will contact you to find out if you wish to have the prescription mailed to you or if you wish to pick it up at the office.
  3. Urgent prescription refill requests after hours or on weekends require you to call the office and follow the recorded instructions to contact the On Call physician.  Please be aware that from Friday at 4 pm until Monday at 8 am this call will be returned by an on call psychiatrist.  This person is likely to provide a limited prescription to cover until you can speak with your psychiatrist.
  4. Dr. Martin is unable to provide refills of medications provided by other doctors or for other medical conditions, including narcotic pain medications.
  5. Dr. Martin requires that all patients taking CII medication (generally, stimulants)e seen every three months and that those taking CIV medications (generally, benzodiazepines) to be seen every 4 months. All others on medication should
    generally be seen not less than every 5 months. Failure to maintain a regular attendance schedule may affect your ability to receive refills in a timely manner, or in recurrent circumstances termination of care.