Becoming a New Patient

We are pleased that you are seeking an appointment with us. Please complete the requested information prior to your appointment. Without completing the necessary paperwork, you will be asked to do so before seeing the doctor thereby diminishing the amount of time available for you and the doctor to complete a thorough evaluation. Some of the enclosed information is designed for the protection of your privacy. Other information greatly facilitates the thoroughness and efficiency of the initial evaluation. Finally, a clear understanding of the policies of our practice will allow you to quickly become a responsible partner in your own care. We look forward to your prompt response by fax or mail.  The required introductory paperwork may be downloaded here.


Lawrence M. Martin, M.D.


Enclosed in the new patient paperwork you will find:

  1. Office and Billing Policies
  2. Patient Demographic Data Form
  3. Personal and Family Health Information Form
  4. Notice of Privacy Practices
  5. Acknowledgement of Receipt of Notice of Privacy Practices 



Download the required paperwork now