Please Note: At this time Dr. Martin is not accepting new patients.


The most common cause of not having promptly available appointments for initial evaluations or return visits is the patient who doesn't show up for his/her appointment or calls to cancel at the last minute.  Our appointment policies are designed to enhance appointment availability and to provide you with optimum care.


Initial appointments are 90 minutes in length.

This is the psychiatric “History and Physical.” It involves a detailed history of the individual’s concerns and symptoms, past mental health treatments, current and past medical history, current medicines, past and current social and family history, and formal mental status exam if indicated. The completion of The Health Information Questionnaire in this packet greatly simplifies this evaluation and allows you and your doctor to focus most on your greatest concerns. The evaluation also involves discussion by your doctor of diagnostic impressions as well as education about cause, course of condition over time, and prognosis. Referral for further testing might occur to complete the evaluation. Discussion of treatment options if necessary, which includes both pharmacologic (medicine) and non-pharmacologic approaches will occur. This education is crucial to assist the individual to become an active participant in his/her care.

Studies have shown that the no show rate for first time appointments drops from about 20% to about 4% simply by providing appointments to those who complete the initial paperwork. It is a requirement of our practice that reviewing and completing the initial paperwork must be done before your appointment. It can be completed at the office, be mailed or faxed to you and be mailed in, or dropped off.

Follow up visits are 30 minutes in length.

These visits are the “meat and potatoes” of care. Testing results are reviewed. Symptoms and side effects of treatment are reviewed and education is provided. The treatment plan is discussed and revised as is necessary. Brief psychotherapy is provided. These appointments are usually made with assistance of office staff before leaving the office, but can be done by phone.